Sunday, January 31, 2016

MILF phone sex "I wanna hear your confessions"

This is the time to come clean and confess those dirty secrets you have buried inside that you've been hiding. Every man has a secret fantasy that they've been dwelling on for years. Maybe you wanna see your wife suck a big black cock or you secretly like wearing women's clothings. Now is the time to confess and set yourself free. Now is the time to let it all out and tell me what is keeping you in mental bondage. I wanna hear what makes your cock explode. That secret that you think about while you stroke your manhood.
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Friday, January 29, 2016

All ready for a Weekend of No taboo Phonesex

I've been getting tons of messages and request from my horny niteflirt phonesex callers that want more stories in my blogs. I didn't realize that I had a faithful readers that have been reading my blog entries since I started blogging on #BestoftheFlirts and on my own blog. I have so many other things going like school part time, managing apartments and traveling back and forth to Cali. This is exactly why I need a relaxing weekend with no traveling, no company, no interruptions. Just me and my phone and my kinky callers that love to stroke their rock hard cocks and listen to me play with my sweet black cunt. I will be available most of the weekend to help you shot your yummy creamy load right in my mouth. I'm always hungry for a yummy sweet cum load. I'll play with my honey hole, clit and asshole while you tell me your deepest hottest secrets.
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

SSBBW with a super phat ass for Phonesex

Let's talk about your naughty supersized fantasy about hardcore sex with a large ass. I wanna hear how you wake up every morning with a rock hard cock thinking about a fat juicy ass. Don't be intimidated and think you don't have a large enough package to handle a fattie. That's what facesitting is for. Lay back and let this big sexy ass smoother you until your face is covered in this beautiful goddess ass. This big ass will make you wanna turn over all of your money and beg to be on your knees worshipping this sexy goddess.
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Sunday, January 24, 2016

On my way out for some Big Black Cock

Sorry I had to log out early guys. I just finished a hot cuckold phone sex call with a new caller. Now Im so horny that I have to go out and fuck my sexy black bull. We were suppose to hang out this afternoon, but I had to get a pedicure and my hair bleached. Now Im dressed and ready to go and jump on top of the big black cock that is waiting for me. Im dressed in my short black mini skirt, with a corset on, 6 inch ankle boots and some thigh high stockings. I know my sexy black bull is going to rip off my skirt, bend me over and fuck the living daylights out of me. I'm so ready to taste his sweet yummy cum and put my tongue around his beautiful black balls. My husband is out of town with family so I might just pull an all nighter and get my pussy fucked for hours into the early morning. Kiss Kiss guys!
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Failed & ruined orgasm

Failed & ruined orgasm

This pathetic bitch boy is finally allowed a release after a days abuse and filming. The only problem is he can't cum! Pathic loser!! The two Mistresses laugh at how stupid he is. HE CAN'T EVEN MAKE HIMSELF CUM! How will he ever please a woman?

Friday, January 15, 2016

Racial Fetish -- Worship a Black Queen

Racial fetishism involves fetishizing a person or culture belonging to a race that is not one’s own—therefore it involves racial stereotyping and objectifying those bodies who are stereotyped, and oftentimes their cultural practices.[1][2][3] This can include having strong racial preferences in dating, for example, fetishization of Asian women and men in North America is quite prevalent.[4][5] Racial fetishism has been theorized in academic discourse in relation to Freudian sexual fetishism and Marx’s notion of commodity fetishism. The term has not been largely discussed in academia, however, because Freud’s theories of sexual fetishism have become so influential since the late 19th century.[6] Some writers who have extensively discussed racial fetishism include Homi K. Bhabha, Anne McClintock, and Kobena Mercer.

Racial fetishism is also very prevalent in contemporary popular art and media. For example, Mercer wrote an essay in 1993 called “Reading Racial Fetishism: the Photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe,” where he criticizes Mapplethorpe’s photographs of black men for fetishizing their bodies, for portraying them as sexualized objects rather than human beings.[3] In pop culture, comedian Margaret Cho has been quite vocal about her distaste for Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Girls--a group of four Japanese girls who silently follow Stefani around on tour and at photo-shoots--because they represent racial stereotypes: fetishized Japanese schoolgirls.[7]

Article came from wikipedia:

I post about this because so many people call me simply because I'm Black. Now, I'm not going to complain about that--BUT, it's entertaining to me that you chose me over 10,000 simply because of the level of melanin in my skin. But if you're looking for a Dominatrix, who can "go there" with racial play, humiliation etc. I'm your Queen!

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One of the most amazing masturbation techniques -- give it a try!

This is a start-stop technique that you can make go on for as long as you can stand it. Some are able to do this for hours going through waves and waves of orgasmic pleasure with no ejaculation so it can last for literally hours if you have the time.

Palming the Glans

Get a good hard erection with plenty of lube and stroke your penis in any way you wish, but stay away from the edge before ejaculation. Just get aroused and very hard — no more. When you’ve settled in, have control of your arousal and can stroke easily without coming close to the edge of ejaculation, concentrate on your muscles around your anus and the base of your penis and one-by-one relax them. Consciously let them go. Sometimes you have to squeeze them to identify them and then relax them. The important thing is to relax each and every muscle.

Now, lay back with your head on a pillow, slightly pull your knees up and spread your legs. Hold your erect penis shaft lightly with one hand and cup your other hand over the head of your penis, rotating your hand around so that the palm of your hand only contacts the head or glans of your penis. Don’t stroke any other part of your penis — only the glans with your palm.

You will feel a very intense sensation and the temptation will be to grab your penis and pump. Resist the temptation and relax those muscles. As long as you stroke this way, you are not likely to ejaculate. If anything, you might urinate without realizing it so keep some tissues or a towel handy. If you feel you’re coming really close to ejaculation, back off a bit on the stimulation and let the urge to ejaculate pass. Then continue.

The head or glans of your penis shrinks a bit when you stroke this way. After a couple minutes, the really intense sensation subsides and then it moves into other parts of your body. Keep going. Keep stroking and imagine the energy moving from your penis up into your stomach and into your shoulders and arms and head. Then down into your legs. Keep stroking. Relax those muscles. If you get close to ejaculation, slow or stop, get control and then start again. Only the head. Only the palm of your hand.

Your first time, you’ll probably only be able to do it for fifteen or twenty minutes. Later, you’ll be able to do it for an hour or even two. The orgasmic energy will move through your body and you’ll discover a sense of being you never knew was possible. You’ll feel light, healthy and free of stress.

You can end with ejaculation if you want, but you don’t have to. A lot depends on your age, recovery time after ejaculation and mostly on your state of mind. You might find that you feel full of energy and life if you don’t ejaculate. It’s up to you. Experiment and enjoy!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Red thigh-high socks photoset

For my foot and sock fetish lovers

24 Photographs of me in my red thigh high socks and corset.
I take off my panties and feed them to you with my foot!

My Mother's Closet

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My Mother’s Closet

By NiteFlirt's SuziSueSexyLeggyShemaleForYou

My earliest memories of pleasure in feminine delights coincide with my remotest memories of practically anything at all. Mother was just so beautiful and she had a closet full of the most wonderful things way back in the early 1960s (which is as close as you will ever get to finding out Miss Suzi's actual age, teehee!). Precious moments were spent lying across Mother's bed each morning watching as she sat poised at her glamorous dressing table applying makeup, fixing her hair, and working her feminine magic.
We engaged in warm and casual chit chat as she worked and I took in her many beauty secrets and vicariously absorbed into my young psyche the pleasure she derived from her efforts and her satisfaction in her results each time she completed her feminine ritual. Those were OUR special times together and the  memories of those special times have remained vividly etched upon my brain.
When Mother had finished her daily makeup, she would slide up and garter her sheer full-fashioned, reinforced heel and toe nylons. With the sweet swishing sound of the accordion-pleated hem of her lacy slip brushing across her nylon stockings, she would step to her wonderful closet to select her dress and shoes for the day. Whether she chose a long slim wool skirt and sweater or full-skirted swirling shirtdress, Mother always found just the right shoes to match classic stiletto pumps with very pointed toes and heels at least four inches tall.
Then, with precise rhythmic clicking of high heels, she would walk briskly but elegantly toward the mirror, turn, and then looking back at herself over her shoulder turn again. The self-satisfied look in hers eyes as she vouged and modeled her day's attire, inspired me then and even to this day inspires me still. Mother would then ask, knowing full well what my, answer,, would be, "Does Mommy look pretty?" Then with a generous hug and kiss for her little one, off she would go to the office where she worked so hard to support me, her only child and my dear Nana, who kept our home and who watched over me.
After Mother had gone off to work, and with Nana busy in the kitchen, it was my turn to practice what I had learned. First, a visit to Mother's bureau drawers to retrieve lace slip, nylons, panties, and six-garter rubber girdle then on to the wonderland of her amazing closet filled with beautiful dresses and racks of neatly arranged high heeled shoes. I was in heaven with the combined aromas of leather shoes, latex rubber foundations, and Mother's perfume swirling about my little nylon-clad legs and too-loosely girdled body.
I still recall the distinct sounds of the rustling and swishing of much-too-large lingerie and the scuffing and clicking of oversized high heels on hardwood floors as I attempted to mimic Mother's modeling and vogueing, in her full-length bedroom mirror Satisfied, even at that early preschool age of three years, that I even though supposed to be a boy was in fact, a pretty pretty girl just like Mommy.

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Throughout my life, I have had this strange reoccurring dream in which I find myself anxiously entering dimly-lighted attics, basements, and closets filled with wonderful and beautifully feminine dresses, sensual lingerie, and lots of pretty shoes. Although the settings and the contents of these dreamland wardrobes have changed and evolved over the years, I know now that my passionate and repeated reveries represent memories conjured up from the excitement of my early childhood and taboo play in Mother's feminine boudoir and in her amazing closet.
It is precisely that exciting energy and feminine sensuality that I carefully tried to recreate in my Buffalo, New York Studio and Boutique between 1997 and 2006. It was my goal to create a fantasyland atmosphere that stirs up sweet emotions of feminine, bliss at, the, first peek through my welcoming front door beautiful feminine clothing of all kinds, dresses, gowns, lingerie, wigs and high heels in a safe comfortable atmosphere. Over the years I grew into my feminine persona and gravitated away from “The Community” in new and exciting social settings and... in romance.
Over the years, I have discovered that the true essence of femininity is Nurturing and Caring… the way a mother instinctively nurtures a child or the way a loving woman sensuously and selfishlessly pleases her man or the way sisters watch out for and help each other to grow strong and wise.
Femininity is so much more than just the clothing, which I now know is really only an outward symbol and expression of the real feminine spirit, which comes only from within.
Hugs & Kisses & Love, Your Suzi Sue

Call Your at: 1-800-TO-FLIRT extension 9927063

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Contact Suzi Sue at
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Confession Phonesex with a Ebony Cougar

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Do you have a secret that you've been holding inside? Do you sometimes feel guilty or ashamed about something you've done? Maybe you've cheated or like to wear lingerie and make-up. Everyone has a dirty confession that they have to tell someone about. Maybe you've fantasized of being in a Porn movie, or taking part in a bisexual act. Everyone has something they've done or something they want to do that they cant share with their spouse. I'm always open to hear about your most kinkiest most taboo encounters. I have a good listening ear for men that have fantasies of their wives or girlfriends having sex with other men while they watch. I speak to many different men, from blue collard to married homebodies that have engaged in bisexual activities that they can never tell their friends. That's what Im hear for, to listen, give advice and be nonjudgmental.

Phonesex Threesome roleplay

I just finished a phone sex call with one of my favorites that loves to hear me talk about my black sex partners and their big huge cocks. I love talking about being a cock sucker for black men and how I love to be a dirty submissive whore for my black boyfriends. Sometimes this includes him passing me around to some of his friends or co-workers. I love it. The more cock, the better. My caller Kurt wants to have me and his wife do a threesome with some big cock having studs. His wife has never have the pleasure of sucking or fucking a real man's cock like I have. Kurk describes his wife as being very shy and submissive with a girl next door look. She'd be perfect for black bulls. They love submissive married women that they can turn into black cock worshippers. I would love to suck a big black cock while Kurt's wife joins and help me suck off that big black cock. I know she would make a good cum whore if she would let down her inhibitions and live a little. I understand why some men like to have their wives get fucked by other men. Sometimes it takes another man to bring out the kinky side to a married woman.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

MILF masturbates to interracial porn

I often get asked by my phone sex callers, what turns me on. I have to admit I enjoy watching interracial porn and playing with my cunt. I always fantasize about being one of the girls in the porno getting fucked by a black or latin man with a huge hung cock. I've only been with a few black men in my life, so I know they are hung and have tons of stamina. I often masturbate to black interracial porn and fantasize it's really me, taking that huge black cock. I get so many cuckolding callers that like to hear stories of me getting fucked by super sized black cocks. I have tons of stories of how I would like to fuck a big huge rock hard black bull. Watching interracial porn makes my pussy throb and get extra moist until I'm soaking wet. The feeling I get when I'm watching porn and I get a Phonesex caller is priceless, even if my caller has a whole different fantasy. It makes me cum so hard over and over.
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Monday, January 11, 2016

SSBBW for the cold winter months

The winter is here and I'm getting a lot of new callers from chubby chasers that need a woman with some extra pounds to get them through the winter cold. I usually attract the most men in the winter. Guys usually want a warm super sized body to keep them warm. I've had several callers send me msg's or call me and tell me that they would prefer me in the bed with them instead of their wife. I know what they mean. A man want a big large set of legs and a thick plump ass to cuddle up with. I had a caller today that said he would pay any amount to have me fly out and sit on his face and smoother him with my ass. I had to remind him, that im not an escort. He was so fascinated with my huge ass, they he had to ask. I laughed because this guy leaves huge tributes, but I cant meet with anyone. I guess he will just have to worship my pictures and continue to call and beg.
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Cuckolding phonesex slut brings in 2016

I started 2016 out with a bang. I'm back working out and buying more sexy provocative clothes to go out and find big black cock. I brought the New Year in with my black bull and some of his close friends. Yes!They gang banged fucked me while my husband laid at home alone in bed while I partied the night away. I had so much fun at a 5 star hotel sipping champagne and having a variety of huge cocks in all of my pretty pink holes. I loved getting all that creamy yummy cum squirted all over my face and tits. Now I cant stop touching my pussy and fucking myself with dildos thinking about getting fucked and banged over and over. They really love fucking a phone sex slut that is married to a little dick minute man. I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy while their friend gave me a contact from his canibus. I gotta get some pictures of those big fat heavy cocks just to entertain myself with while I'm horny late at night with my husband.
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Why I don't do hypnosis sessions

I have been asked several times these past weeks why I sell hypnosis video but not do hypnosis sessions on webcam/phone. BUT YOU’D BE SO GOOD AT IT. 

I know I'm good at it. 
When I make a hypnosis video it takes me hours of script writing and in-depth thought and consideration to what will be included into it. I will use key phrases, words, symbols, colours, photos and this all takes a lot of time and effort. I can sell the videos which can be watched over and over again by the submissive who is letting me break down his mental barriers and get inside his head. Watched daily they will have strong effects on the viewer. One time sessions on cam/phone isn't enough, you will feel the effects and go “under” but the long term seduction won’t be there unless you watch the videos daily and I am not available enough to be offering hypnosis sessions daily. 

You need AT LEAST 15 minutes for a decent hypnosis video anything less is just scrimping on the induction and will not have the required effect of a deep induction and full hypnosis. 

The other thing I have against hypnosis sessions is the scripted element. I never use a script I like to free style all my sessions individually. With hypnosis the first 15 minutes are all generic induction processes in a real time session on a daily basis this would bore me. I LOVE hypnosis but doing it every day for hours at a time would be a bit trying for me. I enjoy so much of the BDSM lifestyle that spending so much time on one fetish would drain me. If you wish to see my hypnosis videos for yourself you may purchase them and let me know what you think. 

7 Hypnosis videos. My 'Chained' series. $39.99 for 45 minutes of Hypnotic Mindfuckery 
Femdom, Findom and home wrecking. 
Warning: This clip will make you seriously addicted to me, and to pleasing me in every way you can. Contains subliminal mindfuck, financial domination suggestions, and binaural beats 

Get addicted to me little piggy. You want to hand over your hard earned cash to this Mistress and I will control your mind and tell you how to do it. $15 
Warning: This clip will make you seriously addicted to me, and to pleasing me in every way you can. 

Pendulum Findom Hypnosis VIDEO $8 
Get addicted to my voice, feel the strength of my mental domination over your brain and wallet. 

Shame and humiliation Mind fuck/Hypnosis $4.99 
So you are interested in humiliation? you want to feel completely humiliated and small? 
Here I will accept the dirty, nasty and extremely naughty things on your mind. 
That's what makes you so pathetic and worthless. 

Lock up your dick and I will keep the key

I will lock down your cock and keep the key snuggled between my breasts.. One day I might release you and give you permission to cum.

Buy more goody bags (videos/photos and tasks)