Saturday, September 19, 2015

Phonesex Pay Pigs that actually Deliver

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These week I met a great but worthless Pay Pig to Financially dominate. Unlike so many losers he actually stands by his word and puts his money where his mouth is. I get calls from guys periodically that claim they have the bucks and the credit card to spoil me but a lot of times it is pure bullshit. Don't lie and tell me your gonna send a tribute while your caught up in the moment. I would rather us just talk and have fun on a call instead of you telling me you want to be a pay Pig. But this week I met a real Pay Pig that insisted that I make an amazon wish list so that he can spoil me and buy me all the things I want. I thought he was another guy playing bullshit games. Nope! He actually sent me over $2000 worth of gifts. Everything from Ear rings to a digital camera and some expensive perfumes and blankets for my condo. I love getting gifts sent to my front door that I dont have to pay for.

I've had guys send tributes which is nice, but I've dealt with guys that thought they could fool me by saying things like give me your number on Niteflirt and I'll send a tribute. A bunch of bullshit. I'm not giving my home/cell number out for a Niteflirt tribute. That is dangerous. Something I would never do. Never, however my new pay pig is such a sucker for my affection that he's willing to spend his money on gifts just to keep my attention.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Everyday is a Cuckold Day on Niteflirt

So Im sitting at home polishing my nails and watching TV and I got a phone sex call from some conservative Vanilla guy. He asked me why would I cheat on my husband? He wanted to know why are so many girls on niteflirt cheating on their men and why is Big Black Cock such a phenomenon with us white women. He stated that he was single and had a hard time finding a good woman. I told him that all of the women are out busy getting big black cock. If he finds his dream girl she will probably force him to be a cuckie boy so she can continue to go out and fuck black men. Faithful women are almost extint especially for you men that have small cocks. Your wife will go out and find a bigger cock, preferably a black one. Get over it, in due time you will learn to love it. You might even join in and have some fun with her.
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sexy Cougar back online

Im back online after taking a few days off to take care of some personal stuff. I'm out in California where it gets into the triple digits of heat. I've been wearing my short sexy sundresses and cut off shorts to show my sexy legs and thighs and attract some sexy hot young studs and older married men. Yes I do like to tease married men. Don't judge me. I had to take a little break from the phone sex to do some upgrades on my home like adding a new patio and getting my outside exterior painted. I've been surrounded by sexy young muscular contractors for the past week. So you know I had to prance around these hot workers in short skirts and barely there halter tops and flirt with my workers. They all loved me bringing them cold lemon aid and bottles of cold beer in my short cut off shorts. I can't wait to get the inside of my house painted so I can invite one of my workers upstairs to my bedroom for a fuck session. Maybe I'll invite them all upstairs for a gangbang.

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