Monday, June 29, 2015

Slut Cuckolding Wife hooked on BBC

There's no secret in my marriage that I'm a slut for Big Black Cock. My husband knows that I'm hooked on black cock and I need as much as I can get in my mouth, ass and pussy. My husband wanted to go out for Sunday brunch yesterday, but I had other plans instead. I wanted to go out and hook up with an old Black sex buddy I met a few years ago. He's a tall muscular sexy Bull with an athletic build. He has one of the biggest black cocks I've had the pleasure of having an encounter with. He called me yesterday and told me to meet him at his apartment. He ordered me not to wear panties and come with heels on with my red lipstick on. I knew he wanted to fuck my brains out and fuck my mouth with his beautiful black cock. I went over his house and planned on staying no more than an hour because I was suppose to meet my hubby for Sunday brunch, but I got so caught up in pleasing my black sexy partner that I forgot all about my hubby. I sucked his big black cock until he squirted all over my tits and had me lick his cum off. Then he bent me over and fucked me in my cunt then my ass. I screamed so loud and came over and over while those big balls slapped between my legs. I totally forgot about my husband and had to apologize for my encounter. It only turned him on. My hubby little cock got stiff rock hard listening to me confess my sexual encounter.
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Sunday, June 28, 2015

My sexuality has Multiple Personalities

When it comes to sex, I'm never satisfied doing the same thing. I'm always open to try something new. Whether it's being a dominant Mistress or being a Cumslut for Big Black cock. I can never stick with the same thing. I'm watching Porn coming up with new sex positions or reading about Fetishes and bringing those kinky fantasies into my bedroom. I get so many ideas from some of my callers on Niteflirt. My callers are the most hottest group of guys with the most wildest stories and sex confessions. I get everything from Shrinking Fetishes, to cuckolding, to spanking. I like it all, the only thing I haven't gotten into with my callers is hypnosis because it's something I've never done and I know it takes a certain skill. So one day I'm watching porn watching two guys fuck around and I came to the conclusion that my sexuality has multiple personalities because I was getting so wet looking at this porn. I guess I will not be satisfied until I've tried everything under the sun at least once.
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Horny Cuckolding MILF

Yesterday I had some play time with my young sexy Latin stud. He's a young 26 year old that I met at a Basketball game when I was out in San Diego last summer. We fucked all night and drank some hard liquor which is something I don't normally do since I'm a champagne and red wine girl. However, while fucking my young stud said he wanted me to fuck a black older man for him with a huge cock. This was so random, but it turned me on that I started fucking him harder. I went in my closet and pullet out a big huge black dildo that I rarely use and started sucking on it, then I bent over and started fucking myself from behind with it. My young Latin stud jerked his cock and came so hard all over me. Now He wants be to be my real life Cuckie clean up boy. He wants me to fuck one of my black lovers and let him clean up the sticky creamy cum mess. I cant wait to let him eat my creamy filled pussy. Call me to hear more.
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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Horny late night ready for a phonesex call

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Im here in bed rubbing my pussy thinking about sucking some rock hard cock and getting my pussy and ass licked . I decided to stay home this weekend instead of hanging out with my friends whom decided to go out and party for the weekend and leave me behind. Now it's Sunday and I'm here home alone since my roommate is out probably getting her brains fucked out of her head. I just had a short call with one of my regular guys that like to listen to me fuck myself with my dildo and suck it. That just wasn't enough I'm still wet and horny watching porn on my laptop and feeling bored. I can call someone over but I dont need the headache of him or her not wanting to go home after a quickie.

Cuckolding my Hubby all weekend

It's been a long hot weekend here in Arizona. The heat has been up in the 100's. I've been laying around all week bored, until I finally got a call from my black bull boyfriend. He's my bf of over a year and he loves to take me to his favorite hotel and use my pussy over and over until I'm weak and ready to go home to my wimpy hubby. Me and my bf fucked and screwed all over the hotel on the floor, in the chair, in the bed, even in the shower. He loves when I get on my knees and suck his black balls and beg for his warm thick cum. And he does cum a lot. He shots a good thick load in my face and laugh, and says "What would your husband think"? We always laugh and crack jokes about me being a married slut. Call me on niteflirt to hear all of my naughty Kinky no taboo stories of how I like being a married cheating slut.
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Cuckold Licks the Cream Pie Sheets Clean

I find it really amusing when my cuckold watches my lover and I have sex and then he licks the sheets clean. He just finds that wet spot and cleans it right up. I swear none of my sheets have stains on them at all because cuckold not only licks them up, but he washes them in the washer as well.

I bet you want to take your pathetic tongue and wipe up that cream pie mess my Big Black Cock Bull and I leave for my cuckold slave to clean up. You would probably do it just as eagerly as he would, lapping it up like a huge cum slut and begging for more. That's because you are such a cream pie lover and while you're watching us fuck in front of you, you jerk your pathetic little dick off. You know you're not allowed to cum until you have cleaned up that mess, little bitch.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cuckold Attempts to Cheat on His Mistress With College Coeds

what happens to cuckolds when they cheat

What Happens to Cheating Cuckolds?

It's a shame when a cuckold feels the need to cheat, but it does happen. It's almost like he goes in heat like a whore. Suddenly he'll get this fake testosterone boost and want to find some chicks to fuck around with behind his Mistress's back. But what really does happen to cheating cuckolds?

Mistresses ALWAYS find out! The women he tries to cheat with are usually very curious creatures. Being brat girls themselves, they always want to make sure the cuckold loser is the stud he claims to be. Often times they already know he's a loser and use his phone to blackmail him once he's totally drunk and horny. They find my number on his phone and try to start some shit with me--until I put them in their place.

Once they figure out he is a cheating cuckold then he is doomed. These sorority girls will do anything to make him feel insecure and dopey. They will laugh at his small penis and make him wear panties. They will bring in dildos and boyfriends just to see how far he will go. Of course, I demand they send me videos of the whole party so I can further abuse and humiliate him when he gets home.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Compulsive masturbating Leads to phonesex which leads to me

I've been talking to a nice friendly guy for about a week and we have been talking a lot about his addiction to porn and masturbating. I don't see anything wrong with spending a lot of time watching porn as long as it doesn't prevent you from earning a living and support yourself and holding down your household. My new friend is afraid that his addiction to masturbating and Porn can lead to a breakdown and will eventually take over his life. I don't believe this to be true. Watching porn is better than going out in the streets and paying for a hooker or doing something illegal that will get you in trouble. As long as your in the privacy of your own home watching porn, there is no problem. A lot of guys that watch a lot of porn usually like to jerk off and fantasize about kinky sometimes non traditional sex. This is possible by calling me on nitefirt. I'm always available to talk to you about your love of porn and your dirty naughty fantasies. I consider myself to be a very opened minded non judgmental person. My caller confessed to me that he likes to watch porn on a Big Screen TV and even watches it at work on his phone. It's okay it told him, as long as it's not affecting his work to the point that he's no longer productive. Phonesex is a lot safer than paying for sex with a stranger online and meeting up at an unknown hotel putting yourself at risk.
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SSBBW phonesex is what you need tonight so pick up the phone

If fat sexy women is your thing, you should be calling me for a kinky facesitting, or domination session. I will use my big huge ass to squash you and control you while making you weak for my supersized curves. I know what you fantasize about! You want a controlling large SSBBW to control you, your cock and your wallet. I do it all. So pick up the phone and call me and I will tell you exactly how I want my huge ass worshiped. I will tell you exactly how I want to sit on your face until you pass out and hand over your wallet. Yes, sir You will pay for this big beautiful ass!
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