Saturday, May 30, 2015

Masturbating between phonesex calls

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I've been pretty busy lately doing some many random things like painting my room, helping my room mate pick out a new car and shopping like crazy at the mall. Today I felt the need to lay around in bed and do nothing at all. I mean nothing but lay in bed and play with my pussy. I usually like to cum with my callers, therefore I would usually wait until I get a call to rub my sweet creamy pussy. Today was totally different. I had to cum a few times since my callers seem to all be MIA. It's okay, I know some of my callers have to spend some weekend time with their wives/gf. I really don't care as long as it doesn't come between my phonesex time with my devoted callers. I ended up in bed watching porn and rubbing my nipples and playing with my hot pussy. Can you blame me?

Cougar Phonesex All Night Long

I had a long fun call with a new caller in the middle of the night. This guy was very young, twentyish with a sexy deep voice that made my cunt slippery wet. He wanted to spank me on his lap then dominate me by fucking my throat over and over while I wore a blindfold. It was so hot to be a slut for a young twenty something young stud with a big hung cock. I loved every minute of being on my knees sucking and licking his big juicy cock with my wet lips. This was his first phonesex call and he promised to call back later tonight. Can't wait to be a whore for my young stud. I need to be spanked again.
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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Do you have a dirty Cougar Fantasy about a black Phonesex Cougar

I know you have a secret. You fantasize about sweet black honey holes all day. I'm talking about a sweet black cunt hole. Or maybe you don't fantasize about a black honey hole, maybe you think about being dominated and controlled by a beautiful black goddess. I wanna hear your dirty phone sex confessions. I wanna hear all that dirty talk that you wish you could tell your spouse. I wanna hear what you think about while your watching that filty smut porn online. I know your secrets, but I wanna hear them from your mouth. I want you to pick up the phone and grip your cock and get ready to shot that warm cum load for me.
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Munches, what are they? BDSM 101

Here's a great resource for finding munches in your area:

A munch (derived from "burger munch") is a casual social gathering for people involved in or interested in BDSM. Munches often take place at a restaurant, bar, or coffee shop; the organizer usually reserving a large table, a back area, or a private room. People are free to arrive and leave within the specified hours. The primary purpose is socializing, although some munches also have announcements or demonstrations from local organizations or individuals. Munches are meant to help those who are curious about BDSM meet others, become more comfortable, and better informed. Munches can also be a place to get advice, or pass on anecdotes about BDSM experiences.

More recently, munches dedicated to people into polyamory have sprung up around the U.S. They function much the same as BDSM munches, with perhaps more focus on talking about poly relationships. Some come with food, and there are now some "Liquid Munches" that are held, usually early enough for conversation to be possible, in bars.

Unlike a play party, most munches are informal affairs that discourage fetish attire or BDSM play.[citation needed] However some munches may be held as a get-together prior to a more formal play party, or other groups may be open to the wearing of collars or pride emblems; as such, covert Master/slave interactions, fetish dress, or other BDSM play maybe observed.

Munches have changed with time and with increasing social acceptability of BDSM and fetish lifestyles. Many have expanded to include more people, topics and philosophies.[citation needed] Some munches may have a specific focus, such as spirituality, or whips. Others may be restricted to a specific group; such as women, or submissives. Munches can be very specific to their region, city, or neighbourhood, and regional groups will often host member's only meetings. Each munch is different and reflects the personality of the group that attends it.

Many munch organizers post their event information on social networking sites, some may use e-mail or mailing lists. Local BDSM groups may announce a munch in-person at a meeting, on a community calendar or newsletter, or on their own websites.

*taken from Wikipedia*

Likeminded individuals--you'd be surprised. In the meantime, I've got a RT to Virtual experience on NF that would be of interest to newcomers to the lifestyle. This isn't a game, this isn't "for shits and giggles" it's a LIFESTYLE.

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Free writing this, so bear with me. I chose the name Kami Controls You for a reason. It's pretty simple really. During the day, the decisions fall on you don't they? All day people are asking for your opinion, support, decisions etc. Sometimes even at home, you're expected to be the head of the household, to make judgement calls, handle situations and all day -- it's on YOU do make it happen.

That's where submitting, to give over power, even if only for a while--can be such a release. Subspace is a brilliant floaty feeling, a high if you will, where you can let go. I'd encourage you to try it -- if you're one of those guys where the day to day pressure has to drained at the end of the day.

Give up that power -- for a while.

Nearly all of my callers will attest to the fact that they feel relieved, mentally, physically and spiritually after giving up control.

Definition - What does Total Power Exchange (TPE) mean?

Total power exchange (TPE) is a relationship dynamic that occurs in a BDSM relationship where the dominant partner has total power over the submissive in everything. TPE always applies in sexual situations, but generally also refers to the dominant having power over all other elements of the submissive's life.
TPE is a turn-on for a lot of people because of the level of trust involved. The submissive essentially gives their life away to the dominant. This is also a huge responsibility for the dominant and should not be taken lightly.

TPE can be used in day-to-day activities, or it can be used for just a few hours during play to spice things up. This type of play is not about micromanaging a person's life; it’s about a submissive giving complete trust to the dominant partner and believing that he or she will have the submissive's best interests and pleasure in mind. What can be so hard to understand is that the submissive actually control. That's because in sane, respectful D/s relationship the submissive can stop the play at any time. It's all about the submissive being able to give up control and the dominant being able to exert control in a safe, consensual way.

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cuckolds Love Watching Men in the Shower

You know that cuckolds love watching men in the showers at the gym, right? I have a cuckold who calls me weekly about how he goes into the men's gym showers and watching all of the guys with their well hung dicks soap it up. He goes into the stall and peeks from the top while their not looking and jacks his little pathetic tiny dick off. What a loser! His fantasy is that one of these guys actually catch him and push him down to his knees to make him suck cock. He would love to have that happen and he talks feverishly about it weekly. Can you imagine if that happened to you? I bet you would go throat deep on that big dick while you creeped everyone else out and they all laughed at you!

Monday, May 18, 2015

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