Monday, August 19, 2013

Why I Love Cuckolding Phone Sex by Cuckolding Princess Karin

Right now I'm going to explain to you why I love cuckolding phone sex. See, in college I was this sweet girl who was still a bossy princess, but was dedicated to one guy. I had always been a big tease, but I was faithful and didn't really know any better until one night I met his friend Moses. One night the three of us went up and drank a few cases of beer at a party. My boyfriend passed out and while he did Moses and I got drunk and made out. His cock felt so hard and BIG underneath his jeans that I just had to see it.

When my boyfriend awoke, he watched me stroke that big black cock and was so drunk that he didn't even get mad. I was a little embarrassed and I wanted to stop, but as he begged me to continue stroking that huge dick, he pulled out his tiny penis and started jerking off.

Honestly, I really enjoyed watching him jerk his small penis to my hand stroking that big black dick. I always felt his little worm was way too small while he continuously bragged about it being SO BIG. That night I sucked that big black cock, fucked it, and rode it all night long. My boyfriend was so humiliated while I laughed at him after cumming again and again that he squirted his tiny load in his hand and cried while somehow getting that nasty stump hard again.

Now I prefer cuckold relationships. I have a steady cuckold boyfriend now and a lover and I wouldn't have it any other way. I enjoy talking to men about it over the phone and making sure they know what inferior little tools they are.