Sunday, November 25, 2012

What happens when you give up control?

You know you want to.

admit it.

Give over control to a woman (Me) who is fully capable of making or breaking you. I've recently taken control of three that shall remain nameless. One cannot access their computer (isn't TV fun?) One is locked in Chastity and is mailing me the key and the other? He had to burn his "big boy pants"! Yep, only panties for him.

It's your turn.

Surely there is a goal, something you'd like to achieve that within your own scope of abilities cannot grasp? Be it weight loss, making more money, doing better etc?
Go ahead, think about it...I'll wait.

Yeah, you've got it. So now, what to do to achieve that goal? Contact me. I will put you on a regime and methodology that will cause you to achieve/attain your goals. What do I get out of it? (Oh you know I'm in it for some reason right?)

Your servitude. Your gratitude. Your loyalty.

Scary? Are you worried? No reason to be. I won't bring you harm (well, much)

The time to give up control is now.
xoxo DJ
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Friday, November 16, 2012

No Taboo Cuckold Phonesex with Adina

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Wanna talk about me and my black bulls? Are you curious about why so many white married women prefer BBC over a tiny white cock and balls. It doesn't take a genius or a rocket scientist to figure out why so many women will do anything for a black bull. I can't get enough of black cock. My hubby knows this and he's okay with me going out and finding other men to screw. Black men to screw. I love talking to callers and telling them my latest escapades. Nothing better than masturbating on the phone while I tell my horny callers about the last time I fucked and sucked on some Mandingo dick. The last time was earlier this week.

A guy I met at a sports bar. We were both there drinking and watching a Basketball game. I couldn't tell ya anything about the game because I was too busy fantasizing about how I was gonna fuck this sexy hot black bull. I followed him around with my eyes and flirted with him until he asked for my cell phone number. Later that evening we found ourselves locked behind a hotel about 20 minutes away. The way he threw me on the bed and ripped my skirt off had me ready to cum all over the sheets. I jumped on top of his cock and rode it until I couldn't move anymore. He really enjoyed the way I bounced up and down on his thick hard wood. After sucking his cock for another 20 minutes I was ready for another round. That's when he bent me over and forcefully slid his big long cock into my cunt while I buried my head into the pillow. He told me to call out his name as he fucked me over and over bringing me to multiple orgasms more than once. After we jumped in the shower, he was ready for another sloppy blowjob. I got down on my knees in the shower with the water raining all over me and sucked his cock for dear life. I swallowed his thick load and got back up to watch off the sweat from the intense fuck session. After we got out of the shower my cell phone went off. It was my husband asking me what time I would be coming home. He made me a dinner by candle light. I told him I would be home in the next 30 minutes. My black bull laughed the whole time I was on the phone with my husband. I thought it was pretty funny. My hubby at home cooking while I'm in a hotel getting my brains fucked out of me.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Phone fuck with a Naughty Fuck doll

I know you guys are ready to play after a hard work week. I know I am after school all week. My hot sweet pussy is ready for some phone penetration. Call me for no taboo phonesex this weekend and I'll make your hard cock stand at attention until you bust that jizz load. I'll be wearing my new lingerie that I just bought at the mall today. It's super sexy and shows off my thick thighs and suckable tits. I have a new dildo that I'm ready to play with. I bought it right after I bought my lingerie at my favorite sex shop. I know you got some dirty secrets and I got a few of my own. Maybe I can use my new dildo on you and bring out your girly side. Whatever you want I will provide. No taboo phonesex at it's finest. I wanna hear about your slut wife or your bisexual encounters. Your secret is always safe with me.
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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Kiwi Candy Dancing through your thoughts

A few short months ago now, I took up a new hobby: Ballet dancing.  I did this mostly because I wanted to learn how, but also because it's great exercise and has the added bonus of keeping my body tight and flexible, which I'm sure will be of interest to you.

I'm practicing about 3 times a week, and my flexibility has already gotten better. I can now do the splits without any kind of problem, which I'm sure you'll want to have me do while I'm riding you, so I can allow you to fully enter my tight, ready pussy.  All the stretching and different poses have also increased my endurance for difficult positions. Call me on Niteflirt and let me describe to you how long I can keep my ankles behind my head. Or maybe buy me a set of ballet style "fetish" boots, you know, the kind that have really long spiked heels that would force me up on my toes, watch me lace them up, then tie my hands together and hook them to a rope hanging from the ceiling, and hoist me up till I'm really venerable to your lustful whims?  Don't forget to check my wish list, I'd love to know that you appreciate my submission. I update it often so, check back regularly, your submissive sex toy does love her gifts!!!  Hehe. You know you want to feel my body covered in a skin tight leotard as I show you my dance routine. My hair pulled into a tight ponytail for you to tug on. I do like having my hair pulled as I'm impaled on a hard cock.

So please Sir, allow me to be your own personal little dancing girl?

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Vote before you cum

I'm asking all of my callers to go out and vote. Before you pick up the phone and call me go out and vote. Exercise your right to vote. Okay, I'll be honest I'm not the most political person but I think everybody should go out and vote. This economy has been fucked up for a while. So let's have a say so in what our tax dollars should be spent on. I'm voting for Obama. I think he needs another 4 years to get this country back into order. So go out and vote and call me later. I'll be available tonight. I know you guys are gonna wanna release some of that tension after waiting at the polls and fighting through traffic to go and vote after work. I would also like to say I hope all of my east coast callers are doing okay through the devastating storms and black outs. I've had some of my devoted callers call me though the blackouts from their smart phones but couldn't chat for long because they didn't have indoor chargers. My heart is with you all. Love your favorite Naughtygirl. TYRA!!!!!
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