Sunday, September 23, 2012

Kinkster Kiwi

Every so often, I will get a naughty idea that I can't get out of my head until I've masturbated thinking about it for a day or more, hehe. The idea I have in my head today is of one of my kinkier fantasies.  Let me tell you a little of how wet and ready to play it makes me.  

I wake in the morning to find a note from my master and a set of clothes laid out for me. The note gave me the instructions to put on the clothes, which consist of fishnet stockings, a very tight black leather corset with garters to the stockings, wrist and ankle restrains, a collar and a blindfold. There are further instruction to pull my hair into a very tight ponytail, yes to the point of hurting. But remember, I'm a good sex slave, I've learned to get aroused from having pain inflicted on my willing body, so getting dressed up in my slut outfit, and pulling my hair as tight as I can into a ponytail only gets me wet and throbbing in the anticipation of being used as a sex toy.
After I get everything but the blindfold on, I'm under orders to take myself down into the play room master has set up in his house, put one of my vibrators in myself, turn it on low, kneel with my legs spread as far as I can get them and then put the blindfold on.  After I'm kneeling and blindfolded, the last thing the note told me was to put my hands behind my back, and wait for what ever master has set up to surprise me today. After what seemed like forever with that vibe torturing my slit, as the note did not say I was allowed to come, the door to the play room opened and I could hear master talking to someone.

"She's here, ready as I told her to be. Come look."

Hearing the footsteps of what had to be a group of at least 4 people enter the room where I was panting, quivering and doing my best not to come right then and there, my mind began to wonder what I had in store for me.

"Feel free to inspect the whore."

I heard Master say from behind me, as at least 5 pairs of hands began to roughly grope and probe me. Knowing I still did not have permission to come, move or speak, it was all I could do to keep from orgasming right there. I heard my gasps and whimpers and strange fingers found their way into my holes, probing, stretching, twisting and prodding, testing me, to see if I'd lose control. Determined to prove what a good sex slave I am, I fought against my urges and was able to keep from coming all over the fingers inside me.

"Candace, this is your reward for the last week of wonderful service." Master said, his mouth suddenly right next to my left ear.  

"I'm leaving you in the service of this group of my friends, but I'm video taping to review your work later. Your job is to satisfy every single person in this room. What ever they decide to make you do, you cannot refuse them. You belong to them for the time being, don't disappoint me."  

And with that he left me, blindfolded to be used, stretched, and passed around by a group of horny people I'd probably never met. To be used as a toy to indulge and satisfy an unknown number of people until they were finished with me.  

Got your attention? Call me on NiteFlirt and tell me what you would do if you were in that group.  Hehe.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Furniture to be naughty with Kiwi Candy

The original title of this blog entry was going to be "Fucking Furniture", and I didn't want to give the wrong impression.  But now I'm thinking, but there are pieces of furniture that I've used to get off on.  A chair, where I've rubbed myself against until I come, or even the corner of my bed.   I'm a complete sex addict and just looking at something hard turns me on.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration, but I just wanted to get that point across.

But this post is actually about furniture I like to fuck on.  Looking around my apartment, I can say that I've had sex on every piece of furniture, or done something naughty on it.  Hehe.  I'm sure you can say the same about your own house, and if not I hope this will give you some ideas for when you're on the phone with me.

Can you think about how many pieces of furniture you would like to bend me over and fuck?  There's chairs, which can be fun as long as they're armless.  A bed which is of course very normal and ordinary, unless I'm tied to it and you're pounding me so hard, that I squirt while I come.

The other pieces of furniture I love to be fucked on are the couch, coffee table, bath tub, basin, sink and even the washing machine (which I know is not furniture, but still hot).  I love trying out new furniture, and would love to test out my desk with you.    Simply because when you call me, I am usually on the couch, floor or my bed, and I think it would be hot to bend over my desk and fuck myself to orgasm for you.  So definitely call me on NiteFlirt, and if you don't have an account, get one!  You get free minutes to join.

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Feedback Spotlight:
Candace is always fun to take control of, it's obvious she enjoys serving as a good slut should. Treat yourself and let her kneel in front of you.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

BBWVanityMinaj uses her ass to put you in submission

I love the way men do a double take when I walk by. They wonder, How can I handle all that ass? The truth is most men can't. My ass handles them. I can get anything I want with my big sexy goddess ass. I love to walk in front of men and give them a full view of my sexy curves and bodacious figure. I get so much attention it should be a crime to carry so my sex appeal in such a large package. I make men bow down and beg to serve me. They become overwhelmed with my voluptuous figure and my large bouncy breast. I've had so many guys call me and tell me things like "Why can't my wife be big like you". I know it can get boring looking at the same body shapes. When you need a SSBBW call me and I'll make you forget about your boring wife. You crave a woman that can hold you down and smoother you with her huge ass and wide hips. I know you can't get enough.
1-800-863-5478 ext: 9687333 Call Button

Kiwi Candy likes Older Men

I have to admit, the older the better.  Especially in my case, I love older men.  Simply because they are more adventurous, open-minded and kinky.  They can make my world explode into a million different colors and orgasms, and I'm sure older men love to be with a young nubile submissive slut like me.

The other plus to being with an older man, they truly love to knock me up on the phone, especially when I beg to be knocked up.  I want to be knocked up, to feel my belly grow with child, my breasts to begin to lactate and well, we all know how sweet breast milk can be.  I want to be with older men, I find them to be my turn on, more so than younger guys.  Don't get my wrong, I like younger guys too, but older men definitely make my pussy wet.

Sometimes I think I am the perverted one in a relationship, until I meet my match in an older man who has the same kinks and perversions that I have.  Especially if they're over 40, and that's the huge turn on, when they can be twice my age, and I can be used, abused, owned and fucked by them!

I love older men, and hopefully get my turn ons to match with yours.  Which is why NiteFlirt is so much fun, we can do anything we want, and be anything we want to be.  We can even cross the realms of reality into fantasy and we can have a lot of fun together.  Will you be my Older Man?  I'll be your younger girl.  We can tie in any kind of fantasy while we play with each other!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sweet Honey will satisfy your sweet tooth

Call Button I'm not just the girl next door. I'm the slut next door that your parents told you never to go near. Yes that's me. The boyfriend stealing nympho that will degrade you to my friends, fuck you, then laugh at your cock. My friends use to tell me that I have some serious multiple personality issues because I'm always up to something new. I don't specialize in any particular fetish, I'm a trisexual. I'll try anything twice from gangbangs, to double penetration to laughing at you for having a tiny cock. Oh and did I mention that I like sucking BBC and getting it stuffed in my cute round ass. If I could fuck and suck BBC all day that still wouldn't be enough. See I told you I was a slut.

Hot Kinky Weekend with NaughtyTyra

Would you like a submissive black slut or someone to bend you over this weekend. Whoever your fantasy girl is, I guarantee I can be her.
Call Button Today is the best day for hot sex. I don't have school today, it's hot, plus I'm horny. My sweet black pussy is throbbing and wet waiting for someone to come and penetrate my sweet cunt. Wouldn't you like to call and bang this tight black hole. I could always call someone over and pull out a sex toy, but I like the thrill of talking to someone and letting them tell me what to do or me telling them what to do.

Kiwi Candy is your Dirty Little Secret

There is nothing like being someone's dirty little secret, especially when I can tie that in with one of my biggest turn-ons!

Begging you to cheat on your wife with me, and you know I will be secretive and keep all your secrets, while I am being used like your dirty submissive slut.  You can do anything you want to me, especially things your wife won't let you do, and all the while I will be begging you to cheat on your wife.  To use me, and keep me as your dirty little secret.  I won't tell anyone if you won't.

You can bend me over your kitchen table and take me from behind, I'll even beg you to fuck me anally!  I'm sure that you can do what you want with me, even things you've never tried before.  I like to be your dirty little secret, and it would feel really great if you could take me into your bed with me.  I'll love it if you will come all over my face as I lay on your bed with my head hanging over the edge, my fingers playing inside my pussy!  I can do anything you want, and we can have a lot of fun!  It's always fun when it's not your wife.

Perhaps it is my favorite fetish, being a secret, and I'll be it's number one fan.  I love it when we sneak out to your car while you're driving home from work, and we can ramble, or fuck.  The choice is yours because I can be and will be your Dirty Little Secret, and you can call me on NiteFlirt at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to use your secret.  Never used NiteFlirt before?  Then join now and get free minutes and access to thousands of photos, videos and more!  Just click the below link!

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Feedback Spotlight:
Such a sexy voice.Great roleplay! Excellent at being submissive. She plays it perfectly. If you take the lead she will react on cue. I've only had one call with so far. Can't wait to try a different RP fantasy where she takes the lead.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting to know Shylah

All about Shylah
My name is Shylah and I live in loveland Co.
A lot of my caller know this about me.
I am 28 years old now. Caller ask me all the time
what do i do all day. I talk you My Callers.
I love to cook. I cook a lote.
 I love making cookies. I do have some callers that 
I send my cookies too. On Mondays I send out
what I call Care Gifts. This is a lot of good thing
in there. I have a garden. LOVE IT.
I all so make Wire Wrapped Rings.
 This is just about me and what I Love
to do. So come back and see more about me.
                                   Kisses, Shylah Candy Kisses


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sexy Phat Flirt

Call Button
Do you fantasize about a super sized ebony goddess smothering you with her sexy body? Do you have secret fantasies about bending over a sexy large woman or having her bend you over? Click the call button and I will make your kinky fantasy come alive. Don't be shy or bashful everything is discreet with me. I will be the SSBBW of your naughty Wet dream.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Choose Your Own Fantasy with Kiwi Candy

That first ring of the phone always gets my heart pounding and my body tingling with anticipation of being used and allowed to serve a dominant man - to serve you. As I pick up the phone, you can hear the softest intake of breath before the first dulcet tones of my New Zealand accent lilt across the phone lines to caress your ears. As I slither from my bed onto my knees, ready to serve you, you can hear the breathless need and desire in my voice.

"I'm ready to serve you, Sir.”

The words sound hesitant, nervous, showing the need to be found pleasing. The soft, desperate words of a subservient girl slipping like lava from fuck-able lips, and the light moistening of a wet tongue as it slips across the soft pillows of my lower lip. Begging to know what it is you want from me, I ask in simple respect.

"What would you like me to do first, Sir?”

Would you like to continue this fantasy?  Pick your own version of events!

You will enjoy choosing your own fantasy.

Kiwi Candy

Meet VictoriaDiamond

Call ButtonCall Now!!
I am going to start off by saying I have found a new passion!!! Being spoiled like the princess I am. I enjoy having little sissy boys to make fun of. I love nothing more than to watch you do exactly as I say while I completely humiliate you!!! You know you want to give me money and shower me with gifts like a princess deserves!! Get on your knees and worship this princess, worship my feet. I will be all that you can think of once you submit to me.

Would love to here from you

I want you to tell me what you want. You want my genius mouth with its habit to lick all around the rim and down the shaft, licking and tickling your balls?

And however you want me, I'll be yours. I will rock on your cock while we sit on the couch, we'll see how far up in the air I can put my ass so you can deeply and totally fuck me, my ass and my pussy : taster's choice.

My biggest fantasy is to let it loose together in a public, say a football game, and get on the big screen in front of everyone, but I'll settle for just you and I in a private booth in a nice restaurant, trying to be discreet while you suck on my nipples and I suck your cock,. We don't need to be alone for me to get off; in fact, it's better if we aren't.

 I hate the word "NO" and that's without really knowing the meaning of it.

Like taboo? I don't know what that is either. I will fuck your kid brother and sister while you watch, I will play in your underwear while you play in mine. I will play with just you and me, or with a group of people:. I just love to cum, and when I cum, the whole house shakes with my quivering pussy as it drips out the juices that you know you could lick up like a kitten all day!

If you want to do my favorite thing, you will tie me loosely in silken scarves and though I want to wiggle like a whore, I have to stay very still and let you control me. I guess being spoiled my whole life has made me wonder what being held still is all about.

all good feedback
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and pic

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Masturbation should join.

Masturbation. Self-Pleasure. Even as a young man, you begin understanding masturbation as a release, an escape and a way to relieve yourself of sexual tension.

Masturbating is easy...anyone can do it. Most men don't have a concept of how to masturbate well. Did you know? It actually is illegal to jerk-off/masturbate/wank it/ in public? Yes, I know you naughty boys do. Often times, you will find you want the company of another. Whether is mutually watching, or someone (ME) watching you. It replicates sexual contact. This feeling is 100 times more amazing if you are guided/led through your masturbation/wanking under a Dominatrix who loves your depravity.

Why Jerk Off by yourself?

Masturbating alone is monotonous. There is no variety, there are no surprises. You could get caught, yes...but you still know what it's going to feel like. The main point is, sex...whether alone or with another should always be fun and an adventure.

Guided masturbation, or Masturbation Class is never boring...It is a challenge to the mind set of a man to please in how you please another with your stroking. To please a sexy Domme with your self-pleasuring is a feeling that can't be compared. Every 'class' is different, each time a challenge...will you be edged? Will you be expected to release on command?

Giving up Control

To give up control of your masturbation requires you to give up all control of your pleasure path. While being led and taught new ways of must let go of what you think you know. Receive every feeling/every moment. The challenge of following directions to the letter, you must be fully aware and in the moment. Edging and stopping add to this excitement.

When you don't get to decide when to 'cum'.

Tease and denial. Scary huh? Do you think you can resist temptation? Can you hold off on cumming? Probably not. There are things you can do to cease the orgasm. The endurance you will build will be amazing. You will be able to last longer than before. masturbation. You should never assume that I will allow you to release. But you should, instead, enjoy every new technique taught...and every tactile sensation.

My Masturbation Class is for those that enjoy giving up control of themselves and their cocks. It takes a real man to give me control of his cock. Does that describe you? If it does, let's talk.

Call Button

Monday, September 10, 2012

Introducing Goddess Bree

Hello puppets! Welcome to your new BBW Addiction, Goddess Bree! I am a Curvaceous, Sensual and Superior Goddess. With a demanding attitude that will leave you breathless and craving more and MORE of Me! Worship is My due! And all due's are to be paid in full! Eyes to the floor slaves, pick up the phone and call Me on Niteflirt ... introduce your inferior self and feed your addiction!!

Call Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Wondering what I am up to in My day to day life, curious about My conquests or just aching to see glimpses of My Perfection? Go read My blog!

DollFaceRose...the baddest bitch with the sexy feet!


In just hearing my name, you should be feeling the need to fall to your knees in worship.

Unlike many, I am a real-time Dominatrix.

I have decadently exquisite feet, that I know you ache to worship.

you have My permission to call.

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Kiwi Candy's Favorite Lingerie

Everybody has a favorite type of lingerie.  Some men like string bikinis, baby dolls or even nothing at all.  Perhaps even just a pair of thigh highs with heels, I know I have several photos of me in just thigh highs and heels, which I know some of you love!  But for me, my most favorite type of lingerie is ... corsets.

I have tons of photos of me in corsets, or even baby doll sheer tops which make me feel super sexy!  I do know that soon you will have the opportunity to get one of my old pink sets for half price, I just want to give you a bit of a saving grace from being spammed on NiteFlirt.

I love corsets, and they make me feel so sexy!  The way they cup and push my breasts up, and tighten around my stomach giving me the small waist I naturally have.


I really like the above type of lingerie and if you like my pictures, you will have noticed this yummy trend I have.  That and I love to take my clothes off, even when we're just on the phone with each other, all I want to do is take my clothes off, so perhaps my favorite type of lingerie is none at all!  You can decide what you like me in or out of.  

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Feedback Spotlight:
Stunning, breathtaking pics. Combine those with a call and it is the most amazing experience. A premier role-player, the best I've experienced on NF.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Control. Ready to give it up?


I've been Domming since I was 21...believe me, your depravity will notshock me.

What is it like to give up control? To step out of your comfort zone? To have someone have you sign a contract, repeating your safe word to you until it's confirmed..? That place that is between fear and excitement...pleasure and pain?

To give yourself over, having ZERO control left for yourself? Your only escape is to go through it, or safeword out of it...

If you have ever dared to delve into those dark know those ones you dare barely utter?...The ones that you have told NO ONE...(up until now)
I am the one that can take you there!

To that place called called sub-space...that place that has no word to describe it... other than blissed. It's a place few see and even fewer dare to go.
The question is, are you ready to share those deviant thoughts of bondage, whippings, cbt,caging, breath play, smothering, body worship, extreme edging, chastity and other deviant BDSM thoughts?

when you're ready to NOT be in control..
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I Really Enjoy Cuckolding You

Callers always ask me why I enjoy cuckolding so much and I really do have to say I love the control I get out of it. I enjoy a true mind fuck and making a man feel like a complete fool for me. When a man remembers that his girlfriend or wife has been sleeping around, he gets aroused by it and it's usually not what he wants, but it makes him hard and fucks up his mind. It's inevitable. Soon that will be all he thinks about and it makes him extremely vulnerable to my whims. That is what I want. I want total control of your mind, body, and spirit so I can do whatever it is that I want and take whatever I want.

Read my fetish blog or visit my fetish store.

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