Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BBC will forever be worshipped

I get so many calls from little dick men that love to worship BBC. For the ones that don't understand or know what BBC stands for...... It's Big Black Cock. I get so many callers from men, usually married men that love BBC just as much as I do. I love to hear the naughty confessions from professional married men. Grown full adult men with small cocks that love to talk about and hear about BBC. Big long thick black cock. I can talk about BBC all day and night. From morning til midnight. Oh, how I love watching porn with black men fucking college sluts and married cougars. Really, I just love seeing a big beautiful black cock go inside a slut's mouth, ass or pussy. I love to watch a BBC disappear inside of a beautiful girls mouth. All of my Niteflirt callers know exactly what I mean.
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Friday, June 16, 2017

ASS Worshipping Summer

The summer is officially here and I will be wearing my short skimpy skirts, shorts and sundress. Men love for me to walk by in my skimpy clothing in this hot summer heat. I love when guys are with their wives and have to sneak and do a double take when I walk by. My big thick thighs will not be covered in this summer heat. I will be walking on the beach in San Diego, Hawaii, going to the local swimming pools and dancing at a few clubs and hour spots. My niteflirt callers love to hear about all the attention I get when I'm in public. Some of my submissive callers love to send me sexy clothes and lingerie to wear out in the summer heat to tease men. Especially my cuckold loser pigs and slaves. My ass worshipping callers love to hear about the sexy short skimpy skirts and shorts I'm wearing while we talk.
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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Cheap losers and wankers beware!!

I am not afraid to block someone on Niteflirt. I don't give a fuck about some bullshit bad feedback. I have stated before that Niteflirt is not a dating site or an escort site and I am not obligated to give free pictures or give my private cell phone number out. I get so frustrated at men that think they can bully girls by threatening us with bad feedback or reporting us to NF. Report me for not giving you my private number? Really? Fuck you losers that are broke and can't afford to buy pics or goodies so you beg for freebies. Take your ass to other social media sites and play with the free desperate bitches that will do anything for attention including chat back and forth for free or give away free pictures. Niteflirt is a business and if you don't like it, you can go play on a free site that has free profiles and join a dating site and hope you score with a desperate bitch that has no life or no self worth. I'm don't ranting.
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Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sexy Cuckolding Slut looking for New BBC

Im looking for some new BBC. I'll be traveling this summer to NYC, Miami, and Jamaica and I know Im gonna get laid by some big Black cock. I'll be going to Jamaica with my husband and he doesn't mind if I go out and get a big cock to suck an ride. Nothing like going to another region and fucking a BBC with no strings attached. I always fuck a stranger while Im out of town on vacation. I love fucking another married man or a sexy black man that has never had a white married slut. They always seem surprised when I tell them that my hubby is okay with me fucking another man especially a black man. I can't wait to take some BBC to my hotel and suck it dry. Or maybe I'll get gangbang by a crew of random men while Im out partying and drinking. I love taking random BBC cum all over my face, ass and tits.
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Saturday, June 10, 2017

foot worship time

aww...so few boys really know how to worship and pamper my feet. You know, at one point I signed up a sub so that he could learn to give a proper pedicure. But quite honestly out of the 10,000 plus subs I've encountered...it's truly a handful that know how to give the pleasure of foot worship.

You should come explore the world of feet with me.

Foot fetishism has been defined as a pronounced sexual interest in the feet. Extensions of this fetish include shoes and tickling. Sigmund Freud considered foot binding as a form of fetishism.[4] For a foot fetishist, points of attraction include the shape and size of feet and toes (e.g., long toes, short toes, painted toenails, high arches, soles etc.), jewelry (e.g., toe rings, anklets, etc.), treatments (such as pedicures or massaging), state of dress (barefoot, sandals, flip flops, high heels, socked feet, hosiery, etc.), odor, and/or sensory interaction (e.g., rubbing the foot, tickling, smelling, kissing, biting, licking, sucking toes, rubbing genitals on foot, etc.)

Notable foot fetishists:
Giacomo Casanova
George du Maurier
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Thomas Hardy
Elvis Presley
Andy Warhol
Pharrell Williams
Quentin Tarantino
Jack Black
Marilyn Manson
Brooke Burke
Rosie Perez
Cara Delevingne
Enrique Iglesias

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Friday, June 9, 2017

Sexy Cougar all ready for the Summer Heat

The summer is here and Im ready to flaunt my sexy body and curves at the beaches, parks, and other gatherings. I already went shopping for sexy short sundresses, sexy blouses and mini shorts. Yes, I still like to look hot and sexy and flaunt my legs, tits, and ass to men in public. I love the attention of men looking at me and doing double takes as I walk through the mall or grocery store. I like to sit at bars and after hour clubs and flirt with younger men, even while they are with their wives or girlfriends. I love being naughty and flirtatious around men, I know it makes their cock stand up in their pants when I show off my tits and lick my lips in their face. Younger men are always horny and they love to be taken home by a hot horny cougar. This summer heat really has me ready to be a kinky nympho with no limits.
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Loser Line laughs at you.

Financial domination (also known as money slavery) is a fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of D/s, where usually a male submissive or money slave, pay pig, human ATM, or cash piggie will give gifts and money to a financial female (or male) dominant (also known as money mistress, findomme, money domme, "cash master", "findom").

The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM and female domination or male domination, like erotic humiliation, but there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals. The relationship between the 'slave' and the 'mistress'(or 'master') may take place solely via online communication, but it is not uncommon that the 'slave' may accompany his mistress while she (or he) is shopping and paying with his (or her) money.

Such a relationship between individuals may be similar to, yet clearly distinguishable from, relationships based on Total Power Exchange. In the latter one, the submissive may grant all his or her money saved and earned to the dominant, in addition with much more aspects of his or her autonomy, but it is not uncommon that both partners have an intimate relationship as well. The fetish of financial domination fetish should also be distinguished by Sugar daddy/Sugar babe-like relations between individuals, where the male may spend gifts and money to 'his' girl, without explicit elements of female domination.

Financial domination is a paraphilia stemming from a devotion of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way. Many[who?] pro-dommes and femdommes found this to be a natural extension for any professional dominatrix who is already being paid for fetish services, and began to exploit it with clients who shared her fetish. Some domme clients were aroused as much by giving money to a dominant woman, as they were by any fetishes they may have been coming to see her for. The dominatrix may also be aroused from being financially worshiped.

Why bringing my Domming to Niteflirt was a great decision - Mistress DJ

For example...dude slathers up in miracle whip...then calls.
I mean man...when I play with myself??? I keep it simple...
Joaquin Phoneix and Blake Shelton as the bread and me as the sammich in the middle...simple right??
ok maybe not...
another one:

a guy calls...ready to go...going to cum in a gold goblet as an "offering to his Goddess" (me)
to others it's clothing:
panties, stockings, corsets, costumes, leather, cross-dressing, lace
to others: it's words
feet, fuck, faggot, slurp, beg and others pop into my mind...
So my challenge to you is:
when you think of when your BDSM affections were sparked...
what was the ignition??
do tell:

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Men crave sexy a sexy MILF Seductress

I'm still open for confessions and fantasies. I know that every man has a kinky secret that he can't share with his wife, girlfriend or male friends. That is why so many men crave me, not only because Im a sexy Goddess, but because I'm an open minded MILF that understand all of your hidden desires. I hold the keys and lock to your fantasies. I am your escape. I am the woman that listens while you tell me all of the naughty secrets that you've been holding in. I know you have a secret. Have you been wearing women panties? Have you been masturbating all day at work? Have you been jerking off in public? Call me and tell me the dirty deeds.
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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Human ATM cum worship my Goddess Ass

Time to worship and tribute your sexy Goddess. I have the ass that you love on a sexy BBW. Call and tribute. This is for the real Pay pigs that have long pockets and a huge bank account. Not the broke freebie seekers that can only ask for free minutes and send a bunch of annoying messages all day but never tribute or call. Fuck those losers. I have guys sending me messages on twitter asking if they can buy me something or send me money. Well cum to Niteflirt, just click the link and send a tribute. No broke bums, only real Human ATM's with fat bank accounts that like to spoil and shower their Black BBW Goddess with money.
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