Saturday, November 4, 2017

FemmeDomme Assisgnments by DJ

Day one:

Go to the store and purchase: a pair of panties, feminine napkins (pads) and a package of condoms. As SHE (make sure you get a female) rings you up -- ask if they have the condoms in extra small.

Day two:

Switch your deodorant to womens scent/brand.

Day Three

get some toenail polish and paint your toenails...if nothing else...paint them clear! (pink or red preferred)

Day Four:

You will edge (NO CUMMING) three times, right to the edge....

This should keep you busy for a while...

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Summer is over but Im still Horny and hot

I'm still hot and horny even though the summer is over. I'm still on the hunt for big black cock. I have to feed my black cock addiction daily. Whether it's going out to find some or looking at Big Black cocks in Porn. It's always open season for me to go out and get new big black cock. I have three black boyfriends and a hubby, but I like to feel new cock inside of my pussy frequently. My callers love that I'm open and honest about my sexuality and my obsession with big black cock.
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It's a new season and another reason to confess

Still hiding in the closet about your sexuality? Afraid to tell your wife about your porn addiction? I know how you feel and I know you have no one that understands your sexual fetish and fantasies. You can tell me about the Big Black Cock you've been sucking, or the sissy boy kit you keep hidden. Your secrets will become my secret I will never tell your wife that you want to be her cuckold clean up boy. You can confess your dirty secrets and taboo confessions. No need to hide and feel the shame. I'm only a phone call away. I'm sure I've already heard your fetish over a hundred times.
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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Fat phonesex with a sexy Superior Goddess

I'm available online this weekend for Financial Domination, role play fantasies, cuckolding, and feminization. Cum over to the #BBW section on niteflirt where the Sexy Fat girls get XXX rated. Girls available now of all nationalities and backgrounds. If you have a foot fetish, a fetish for being a Sugar Daddy to a sexy fat girl or if you just like to worship a fat belly and big huge thighs and ass. We are available.
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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cuckold Curious

I've had several guys that have called me and wanted to get advice on how to turn out their wives or girlfriends to Big Black Cock. I'm never shocked or surprised at how many men would love for another man to cum inside of their wives. These men are Cuckold Curious. I often ask men, "how did their big black cock obsession start" and they usually respond with "Porn". Many men watch porn for the women, but eventually start looking at another guys cock. Usually the black cocks get the most attention because of their size and girth. I know my husband became curious about cuckolding when I told him that I dated big black cock men in college. I became the popular girl on campus with the black guys. I would hang out in their dorm rooms, go to the clubs with them, and visit them when they went back home during spring and summer break. My husband became cuckold curious after I told him about several boyfriends and hot wild nights out with groups of black guys. My husband knew when we got married that I would be a cumslut for BBC. He knew I would step out of our marriage to fulfil my big black cock needs.
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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Mature Cougar For Young Cock

I'm not the average older woman that is home suffering from empty nest or boredom. I don't play bingo, bake pies for the neighborhood, or knit scarves all day. I still have a high sex drive and love to watch porn, masturbate and flirt with strangers when I'm out in public. I still wear my short skimpy shorts and skirts to attract young college guys and horny men in the 30's and 40's. My body is always horny and curious about what a guy has under his clothes. I love to go to the mall, bars, and gyms just to check out men, even some while they are with their wives or girlfriends. I love to wait until a woman turns her head or go in her purse, I like to wink or wave at her hubby and walk away. This is so fun when I'm out. Just knowing that I'm turning on an attractive married men gets my juices flowing.
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Your wife will be weak for BBC

So many men have called me with the fantasy of having their wife fuck other men. I hear it all the time, guys calling me with interracial porn in the background telling me how much they would love to see their beautiful conservative wife fucked by a man with a big huge hung cock. For some it's a fantasy, but some have actually brought the idea to their wives. They don't realize that if their wives do get a big black cock she will become addicted and have cravings for it. Many married men toy with the idea of see their wife fucked by a group of black men or letting their wives go out and find some BBC. The reality is that your wife will crave that BBC and will eventually only want to fuck a black man. Your little tiny cock will not be enough. She will seek more black cock. She will go out and find random black men to fuck her. She will seek men in gyms, clubs, bars, and other public places. She will buy dildos and fuck herself with them and masturbate to all black or interracial porn. Call me and find out more.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Naughty NoTaboo phonesex

I'm a very open minded girl. I love to hear about things that I've never explored before even if it doesn't turn me on sexual, it still arouses my curiosity. Like men that like to dress in women's clothing or men that like to jerk off in their cars while watching women out in public. I love to hear about a naughty fetish that I've never heard of before or a fantasy that is unique. It is very interesting how some fetishes are started in a person's mind or what triggered the obsession. For example, a man getting a hard on by a woman's feet then becoming obsessed with feet or a man that saw another man in drag on TV and began dressing in drag as a way to turn himself on. I could go on and on. That's why I love being a phone sex girl.
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Summer Time Confessions

I just talk to a guy that confessed that he was bi curious up until last night when he got his first taste of BBC. My caller is a 40 year old lawyer from the mid West with a wife and 3 kids. A very successful hardworking husband that has become infatuated with Big Black cocks. He said he had always watched porn since college, but last year he started watching interracial porn and started looking at the big huge cocks on black men. This is a man that claimed to be heterosexual all of his life and never even thought about being with another man. Then he became curious so he started befriending men on dating sites. After a few bad dates and guys with fake pics, he finally came across a good looking 28 year old security guard that lives about 30 minutes away in an all black ghetto. So my caller traveled in his brand new Range Rover to meet up with this 28 year old hard body with a big huge delicious cock and balls. He told me how they chatted briefly for a few days and met up at the black guys house. My caller couldn't believe how big the cock was and how it got bigger and bigger until it reached about 11 inches. He got on his knees and sucked him off for about 30 minutes. Keep in mind, this was his first time giving a blow job. So he was nervous, but not to nervous about sucking and licking until he tasted a warm load bust in his mouth. After sucking his cock again and making his black lover cum all over again, he left with a new addiction. Now he is constantly looking at BBC online, going on gay and bi dating sites to find more cock. He's even thinking about leaving his wife now that the addiction is over powering him.
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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BBC will forever be worshipped

I get so many calls from little dick men that love to worship BBC. For the ones that don't understand or know what BBC stands for...... It's Big Black Cock. I get so many callers from men, usually married men that love BBC just as much as I do. I love to hear the naughty confessions from professional married men. Grown full adult men with small cocks that love to talk about and hear about BBC. Big long thick black cock. I can talk about BBC all day and night. From morning til midnight. Oh, how I love watching porn with black men fucking college sluts and married cougars. Really, I just love seeing a big beautiful black cock go inside a slut's mouth, ass or pussy. I love to watch a BBC disappear inside of a beautiful girls mouth. All of my Niteflirt callers know exactly what I mean.
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